Ananda Networks delivers the industry’s first Secure Global LAN (SG-LAN), allowing organizations to create their own private, secure, high-performance networks, connecting all users, devices and cloud services – as if they are on a LAN.

Ananda Networks is ideal for the security and connectivity needs of the modern, distributed, cloud enterprise. As your employees and services are spread over multiple locations and clouds, existing networking and security tools become obsolete. With Ananda it’s easy to connect them all together.

Key features and benefits

Key features and benefits include:

  • Cloud-based management – manage all aspects of security and connectivity using a cloud-native control plane.
  • V2LAN private networks – easily create multiple private networks and assign users and devices to them, with the ease of use of setting up Slack channels or chat groups.
  • Identity-defined network – define the networks based on user/device identities.
  • End-to-end encryption – automatically encrypt all traffic between any two users on the private network.
  • Authentication and authorization – allow only traffic from authorized users to go on the private network.
  • Self-optimizing network – leverage advanced protocols, find the optimal route between any two nodes (direct, or indirect going through cloud-based relays) to optimize network performance.