1. Make sure both your client and server are running the Ananda agent. Alternatively, your server may be behind an Ananda gateway.

2. Make sure you are using the latest client version.

3. Make sure your Ananda Network is defined correctly. Your user identity and the server's identity should be members fo the same network. Since your user is part of a user group, make sure your identity and the server's are indeed assigned to these groups.

4. Make sure that there are no rules or contexts defined for this network that block your connection (for example, your context requires you to use.a Windows device but you're using a Mac).

5. Make sure the server machine is not running a firewall (or is behind a firewall) that restricts access. If you are running Ananda on a Windows machine, check the following firewall settings:

2 Ways to Turn on/off Windows Firewall in Windows 10

Ananda is using a virtual network adapter named ‘8e14’, so be sure firewall is turned off for ALL networks.

Make sure the server is not behind a firewall and allows at least the following outbound ports from the server:








6. Make sure you have waited a couple of minutes since the last update to the network settings to allow it time to propagate.

7. If you are still unable to connect, please send the logs to support@ananda.net.