Are users failing to connect to a server or to an application? Check if the connection has been blocked by security rules:

  • Click the 'Traffic' menu in the administrator console to see if these connections are marked as 'blocked'. 
  • If they are shown as blocked, click on 'Networks', Edit the relevant network, and check if there are 'Rules' or 'Contexts' associated with that network that might prevent the connection from establishing. 
  • For example, a context may require the end user to have a screen saver password set, but this user may not compliant; another common issue could be that the TCP or UDP port number that is required by a 'Rule' don't match those of the service the user is trying to access. 
  • Make sure that the target is running and logged in to Ananda

Is the connection not blocked? Check out the 'I am unable to connect to a server' article.